Friday, January 1, 2010

We Thank You For Feeding Our Monkeys

Idle Hands was born from the ashes of hardcore toy news site, struck down before its time under the most ridiculous of circumstances. We always believed that all manner of pop culture news could co-exist on a front page together, providing a "Water Cooler Geek" feel. On any given day, we'll be discussing new video games, movies (both large and indie), books, comic books, toys, conventions and anything that triggers flash-backs in our cartoon loving, 80's idealizing brains. 

Our ever evolving lineup of writers currently includes...

Paul "Nomad" Nicholasi - New York Area Operations/ Editor : 
20 year toy industry veteran and egg shell blue belt in Gymkata, Paul was once described as a "robot who runs on alcohol" due to his ability to run a booth at a huge convention, being the first one on the floor in the morning and the last one off at night, then into 3 parties before getting some articles written up and mayyyybe a bit of sleep. As a partner on, he put twelve years of San Diego Comic-Con under his belt...which pretty much has him ready to handle anything...including powerful mid-Saturday barnyard convention smells.
Super Powers: Once shot 10 thousand pictures at SDCC. Puts out street lights while lamenting why Hasbro doesn't love him. Is sometimes invisible to automatic doors and faucets. Has an uncanny ability to run into Jhonen Vasquez and Stan Lee at any given time.
Interests: Marvel & DC Comics, Toy Hunting, Indie Movies, Pizza and Ice Cream. Oh and Samurai Pizza Cats.
Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Tumblr - Pintrest - paulnomad at gmail dot com

Emilie Black - West Coast Operations/ Photographer :
9 years on the floor of San Diego Comic-Con will do things to a woman. She's seen some things, man. Star Wars Celebration, Monsterpalooza, Fantasia Film Fest, UK Toy Fair, Wondercon...Emilie has seen it all and doesn't stop shooting til she's ready to fall down...which isn't entirely healthy, but we applaud her work ethic. Emilie is also a Canadian transplant, so if she starts yelling at you in French, THAT is when you know you are in trouble.
Super Powers: Surviving the floor at SDCC every year, with a camera, as a woman. Can say "Cool" and have it mean 52 different things. Undying love for her puppy and The Fast and the Furious movie series.
Interests: French Film, Horror, Photography, Travel, Art, Clive Barker, the Habs and a pup named Cornelius.
Facebook - Twitter - Instagram


Will you review my thingy? - Maybe. Email Paul Nicholasi at the address up top and we'll see if it fits.

Will you support my KickstarterIndieGoGoGoFundMeGiveMeMoneys? - We always consider it, but it has to be really cool, really fun and again, fit in with our crowd.

Will you come cover our event? - If it fits and the date works and we have someone in the area, it's a strong possibility. Email Paul Nicholasi up top with details and we'll see if we can make it work.

Can we advertise on your site? - We don't currently have a system set up for this, BUT, as you see, a few select friends are up on the right hand side, so we have a way to accommodate. We also occasionally accept sponsors for upcoming events, so get in touch with the Editor up top.

How do we send you news? - The "Got Tips" button on the front page will open an email box just for this purpose, or just email the Editor above.

I'm crushing your head... - I block. WE BATTLE!

What is Stan Lee? - Cyborg

There's an item in an article that is our property or contains knowledge we didn't want out there. How do we get that gone? - First and foremost, please know that the policy at Idle Hands is we will run anything that is made public. This includes sales sheets and catalogs (digital or paper) given to our people at events, pre-orders on websites across the globe, items we find on your website and anything displayed at an event we've been told is OK to report on and/or photograph. If we ran information/images of yours, it's been made public somewhere. We don't even know how to begin to be sneaksy. That said, we are more than reasonable and are happy to discuss the matter further. See the Editor up top.

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