Monday, March 21, 2011

Exclusive Interview: Bree Olson: Goddess of Geek Porn

Christina Radish takes us into the world of Parody Porn with Bree Olson:

When Bree Olson isn’t busy being one of Charlie Sheen’s “goddesses,” she has a very successful career as one of the most popular porn stars in the adult industry today. In the four and a half years she’s been in the business, she has made nearly 200 films and, even though it’s currently questionable as to whether she’ll make any more films, she has recently had a number of high-profile projects get released. A little while back, I got some time to speak with and photograph the busy starlet, during breaks from filming Superstar Showdown 3.

Superstar Showdown is a unique series featuring a pair of porn stars – this time Bree Olson and Courtney Cummz – competing against each other in various sex acts and judged by other porn stars who, no doubt, know what they speak of. “This is the American Idol of porn,” explains Olson. “At the beginning, we had to go and stare each other down, and that was hard because we couldn’t help but smile. We’re chill. But, we are basically doing a series of scenes that build up into regular sex scenes, and we have a panel of three judges – Kirsten Price, Joanna Angel and Raylene.”

Since her three-year contract with porn company Adam & Eve ended last year, the multiple award-winner has done a number of parody features, including Scooby-Doo, The A-Team and The Bionic Woman, which appeal to porn aficionados and fanboys alike. “I’m not under contract anymore, so I’m shooting with a lot of different companies,” the 24-year-old said, excitedly. “It’s cool. I enjoy doing all the different features, playing the different characters. It’s funny because, in features, we play that part until we do the sex scene, and then we switch right back into ourselves again. But, I usually get cast for stuff that’s pretty close to who I am anyways. For Scooby-Doo: A XXX Parody, I was Daphne, so I had to ding it up a little bit, but it was similar to me.”

Even though they ask her to research the roles that she takes on, she admits to not spending too much time doing so, since she feels that it distracts from her performance. “They’re like, ‘You should really go on this website and watch this movie, or 30 episodes of this show,’ and I’m always like, ‘Okay, I’ll be sure to do that,’ but I don’t because I feel like, if I do, I’ll be so focused and concentrating the whole time on trying to imitate that person that I’m not going to do a good job at the acting. I think that I get a pretty good vibe, just from reading the script. I don’t just read my lines. I’ll read the script front to back and get a general idea and a feel for the movie, and get a good idea of what the director wants.”

Over the last couple of years, porn parodies of popular television shows and movies have grown tremendously in popularity, which has allowed for the starlets to become sex symbols for fanboys who may not have ever been interested in porn before now. “I have a shirt that says, ‘I Heart Nerds,’ on it because I love my nerdy guys,” said the starlet, of her new fan-base. “I’m more attracted to them. I don’t want some bonehead with a completely shaven body, coming up to me and saying, ‘I just got done with tanning and the gym. Let’s go out.’ I went on a date once with this guy who is a fan ‘cause I thought he was just so cute. He wore little glasses and everything. I like guys where I can throw out numbers and they can multiply it off the top of their head. That’s so much hotter than some guy that just got done working out at the gym.”

Porn stars tend to enter the adult industry as young women wanting to get back at an ex, individuals who are looking to use their attention to attempt to cross-over into a mainstream career, or girls who just love sex. Bree Olson happens to be one of the latter, and freely admits to it. “I got into the business because I like to have sex. Honestly, I would have done the first few scenes for free. I just wanted to try it and see what it was like. Little did they know, they didn’t have to pay me because I would have done it anyway. I’m happy with just doing adult. I don’t really seek anything more, but if it comes, that’s cool.”

A porn star does not just star in films. They also do magazine layouts, feature dance at strip clubs across the country, and they make public appearances all over the world, and Bree Olson has made a name for herself in all avenues of the industry. “My heart is in the movies, but when I get to go feature dance, I’m terrified, every time I get on stage. I say a prayer before I get on stage. I’m not even religious, but I’m like, ‘Please don’t let me fall in these heels.’ I have big stage fright. And, meeting my fans is crazy. They come from all over the place, when I feature dance. They’ll buy a private dance with me, and some of them do it just ‘cause they want to talk to me. It’s so cute. I love that. There’s something I love about everything that I do.”

The starlet admits to getting most surprised by her fans when they come to see her at conventions. “There’s this huge line of people for me, just for having sex,” said Olson, sounding grateful for the adoration. “And then, there are guys that come up to me and want a picture with me, and I can feel their hearts beating so hard. They’re shaking and sweating, and they’re just so nervous. It’s so cool! That’s a big self-esteem boost. Every January, I have my nose up in the air a little bit and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m the shit.’ Then, I go back home and my friends are like, ‘Yeah, whatever. You’re no one special,’ and it goes back down pretty quick.”

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